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    A half century after the Holocaust, Daria Abramson, suffering nightmares of the Lodz ghetto and her time with its infamous ruler, Chaim Rumkowski, turns for help to a sensitive but dogged therapist. During their intense sessions, she lays bare buried memories and faces deep feelings of guilt about the war and the death of her husband. Secrets long held by Daria spill out in fierce succession, revelations disclosed to those she loves most – her daughter, granddaughter, and Ruth, a lifelong friend and fellow survivor. In turn, those three expose their own shocking surprises. In Daria’s Secrets, we travel together with a courageous woman as she attempts to overcome the anguish of the heart’s remembrance, in order to finally live.

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    When the Forgotten Borough Reigned: The 1964 Little League World Series Champions

    When the Forgotten Borough Reigned: The 1964 Little League World Series Champions” chronicles the amazing team from Staten Island that won the 1964 Little League World Series. Held on the 25th anniversary of the founding of Little League baseball, that World Series was unique and memorable. The final game was won on a no-hitter spun by a pitcher on an All-Star team from the middle of Staten Island, the “forgotten borough” that appeared to have more in common with the American heartland than the rest of New York City. Not only had a Big Apple team never before even qualified for the World Series, but it was the first time a U.S. team defeated an international one for the championship. The members of the victorious Mid-Island Little League team were treated to a ticker tape parade in lower Manhattan and a reception by the mayor as well as meetings with celebrities and baseball icons, experiencing a degree of fame few adults ever do while uniting the borough and city in frenzied celebration.

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    Rendered Safe: Tales of an NYPD Bomb Tech

    Rendered Safe centers on the remarkable life of former NYPD Bomb Squad Detective Donald Sadowy. In the aftermath of the February 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the most devastating terrorist attack on the United States to that point, Sadowy risked his life to search for evidence in the shattered and dangerous sub-basement. There, he discovered a piece of chassis frame that contained a VIN number which enabled law enforcement to catch the perpetrators just in time. The massive investigation and recovery effort that followed is revealed through Sadowy’s recollections as well as those of a number of other law enforcement agents, many never before told.

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    Shattered Lives: Overcoming the Fraunces Tavern Terror

    On January 24, 1975, six young businessmen were enjoying lunch in Manhattan’s historic Fraunces Tavern when a bomb exploded. It was planted by a Puerto Rican independence group known as the “FALN,” the most active domestic terrorist organization in American history. Shattered Lives, co-authored with Joe Connor, the son of one of those murdered, chronicles the FALN’s decade-long reign of murder and destruction, the hunt for the perpetrators by a group of dedicated FBI agents, and the political maneuvering that led to Presidents Clinton and Obama granting clemency to FALN members.

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    Belas-Letters-book-coverBÉLA’S LETTERS

    An historical fiction based on the lives of Jeff’s father, a Hungarian Holocaust survivor, and his family members.  The book tells the story of a large family torn apart by the war and Holocaust, and the extraordinary circumstances that the survivors endure before they manage to reunite.

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    Resurrecting the StreetRESURRECTING THE STREET

    This book tells of the regeneration of the U.S. markets, day by day, immediately following 9/11, with a focus on the U.S. Government securities market.  The events of 9/11 brought the most important financial market in the world – the one looked to by investors globally for safety in times of trouble – to the brink of paralysis. The crisis was ultimately resolved through the willpower and wisdom of groups of disparate individuals, accompanied by an unprecedented climate of cooperation among fierce competitors that embodied the American spirit at its finest.

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