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    The Forgotten Borough

    During the tumultuous summer of ’64, three men of distinctly different backgrounds band together to lead a Staten Island Little League team.


    Bela’s Angels (one-act stage play)

    During World War II, a Jewish inmate in a Hungarian forced labor camp with a serious medical problem seeks the relief he needs in a Budapest hospital. There, in the midst of a virulently anti-Semitic environment, he is helped by three angels in human form.


    The Election (pilot episode for TV sitcom ‘High Rise’)

    Two women move into a high-rise condo and are thrust into innumerable conflicts, real and absurd.

    Semi-finalist and one of the Top 50 for the Cinequest Screenwriting Competition


    The Examiner (also, “Return to Felicity”)

    After an idealistic examiner returns to his boyhood town to inspect its venerable bank, he confronts painful memories while uncovering a web of illicit activity.

    Silver Award Winner – International Independent Film Awards

    Finalist, Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival

    Semifinalist, Scriptation Showcase Script Competition (Drama Feature)

    Winner, Adapted Screenplay Competition

    Selected for inclusion in the Finish Line Script Competition, Grove Film Festival, Northeast Film Festival, Screenplay Readers Spec Script Tournament, and Scriptapalooza Film Competition




    After losing his reputation, career, and ill-gotten fortune during the financial crisis, a trader of untamed ambition must remake his life to win back his family and self-respect.

    Days of Resurrection

    On 9/11 and the days after, men and women on Wall Street suffer enormous personal tragedy while struggling to keep alive the devastated financial markets and cope with ethnic tensions.

    Shattered Lives

    The FBI hunts for the FALN, the most destructive domestic terrorist group in U.S. history, as its victims and their families struggle for justice and closure.

    Las Vegas International Screenwriting Competition – Official Selection, Historical Screenplay

    Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition – Quarterfinalist


    Rendered Safe

    The son of a career criminal becomes a legendary NYPD Bomb Squad Detective, escaping death numerous times and solving the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

    Page Turner Screenplays Finalist, Feature Drama

    Winner, True Story Screenplay Competition

    Winner, Adapted Screenplay Competition