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    Short Stories


    Jejune Loon”: On the eve of a man’s wedding, a secret is revealed that threatens to change everything. Published in the February 9, 2022 edition of The Headlight Review

    The Monkey’s Got It”: An idyllic round of Caribbean golf is interrupted by a monkey, leading to other complications for the foursome. Published in the Spring 2022 edition of INK Babies Literary Magazine

    Woman By The Lake”: A chance encounter with a woman by a canoer blown ashore leads him to an intense romantic vision as well as reflections on his life. Winner of the San Antonio Writers Guild’s award for best short fiction (2022) – Published in the May 16, 2022 edition of Fiction on the Web as a “Pick of the Month”

    Michelle, Ma Belle”: A New York Public Library employee wages two chess matches. A literal one against a fierce opponent and a figurative one with the girl of his dreams. Published in the April 10, 2022 edition of The Literary Yard

    Dowa Yalanne“: On an enchanted mesa, a young couple determine their destiny. Published in the May 9, 2022 edition of ZiN Daily

    Sister Zsuzsa: In a Budapest hospital during the height of WWII, a lonely, frightened Jewish prisoner of the Hungarian labor camp system finds help from three angels on earth – Published in the April 2022 edition of the Jewish Literary Journal

    High Rise”: Two young women leave their small Pennsylvania town to live together in an urban high rise condo. Challenges immediately emerge, complicated by demons from the past – Published in the 2002 Arzono Annual Anthology

    Silver Lake”: A youngster comes to terms with the drowning of his close friend – Published in the May 2, 2022 edition of The Whiskey Blot

    A Pandemic Conversation”: A man struggles to comfort his mother, who’s living in an assisted living facility, at the start of the pandemic.